AndyTorresNavy6AndyTorresNavy AndyTorresNavy7 AndyTorresNavy2 AndyTorresNavy4 AndyTorresNavy5I’M WEARING >>  Jacket: H&M Paris collection  |  Bag: Valentino  |  Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti  |  Jeans: MiH  |  T-Shirt: Gat Rimon

I must be really into anchors lately. Temporarily tattooing them on my arm, wearing them around my neck and all sorts. I already saw few reactions on instagram about my fake anchor tattoo; “No! Why Andy? why???!!!”
HA! Got you and even if I wouldn’t necessarily tattoo an anchor on myself, mainly because I haven’t got a good reason to do so, I kind of really liked the way it looked.

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108 thoughts on “ANCHORS

  1. Hello Andy !

    Amazing style as usual !
    Love the trouser, make your legs look endless !
    And I think Anchors are so cute ! Even as a tatoo
    Loads of love

  2. is it posssible that i remember this anchor necklace from the very very old post, where you had an amazing long red skirt on and this anchor was attached to its belt? well, i’m not sure. anyways, i loved the tattoo, even started thinking serioulsy of getting one. kisses!

  3. Superbe ce jeans la veste est magnifique le t-shirt est hyper jolie c’est un look de classe les photos sont sublimes

  4. I like anchor as well. And I had in mind to let me tattoo one but then it became over popular and well, i didn’t want to have the same tattoo as everyone if it didn’t really have any special meaning to me… Anyway ! I still love wearing them around my neck too :D



  5. I am so in love with that jacket, it’s perfect and the detailing is great! I love your jeans too xx

  6. I love the anchor necklace! I remember when you used to wear it about 2 or 3 years ago, it’s nice to see that you still wear some pieces, you have long time in your closet :)

  7. I’m going through the exact same phase!! I’ve already bought a shirt filled with anchors and am flirting with rings and earrings that I recently found at SIX. But the tattoo option is not dead for me yet, luckily I do have a reason to get an anchor on my arm!!

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