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I have to admit that it’s been a bit hard to get back into full on training after 6 months of not being able to exercise because of my knee injury. I have slightly over 3 months to train for the We Own The Night race and I already have a time goal in my head, which means I have to run fast, really fast and that is going to be a challenge.
I am dividing my Nike training with core training and cardiovascular training, so I have been working with 2 amazing coaches to help me through it -and make me sweat and ache and quite possibly cry very soon-, but I am tough, I can take it.
No pain, no gain.

92 days to go…

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92 thoughts on “THE WAY THERE

  1. I’m going to start with me sports workout for summer tomorrow and I must say I’m also really looking forward to it. I know it will be hard, because I haven’t done any kind of sports (besides dancing in the club ;)) for .. let’s say a lot of time now. I hope I will reach my goal getting into shape ’til bikini season.

    Good luck with your training and the We Own The Night race. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to reach your time goal :) xx

  2. Can I ask what knee injury you had? I have gone from training five times a week to next to nothing because if a knee injury. Any advice would be amazing! | Toni May xx

  3. You got injured for two reasons: wrong technique and wrong shoes. First swap the NIKE’s for a barefoot shoe(you can still promote NIKE though). Cushion shoes make you land on your heel which is unnatural during running. Second – adopt the right technique(straight posture, foot under the body, 180bpm rhythm for small but frequent steps, stay relaxed during running). Technique is everything, don’t trust analyses that point you to a shoe. No shoe makes you the perfect runner. It’s simply marketing.

    Start again slowly – often but small distances. Then increase distance with 10% every time until you get back to your old route.

    Why I am saying all this is because I believe in it. I used to be a running coach before setting my designer company. I still do 20-25km in one go with no injury for the last 6 six years.

    If you have questions, Andy, do not hesitate to contact me. Would be glad to help you.

    1. I stick to eating healthy but I don’t restrict myself in terms of diets dear. I don’t believe in diets. Xx

  4. i love you to post your training pictures on website or instagram,
    when i see it, it always inspired me to move…

  5. So motivational! I’m trying to work out more myself, but I find it so difficult sometimes to actually go out of the house when I’m finally having some free time.. Master thesis is taking up nearly all my time at the moment..

  6. Hey Andy! Keep up the hardwork :). I enjoy a bit of running and reading your workout posts always gets me motivated too,so thankyou. And remember ‘pain is just fear leaving the body!’ P.s I love your leggings in this post, where are they from?

  7. Hey there what’s your time goal? :)

    I’ve been training almost everyday for the past 3 weeks and I’m planning on continuing for the next few months just to make sure to be fit for the race :D

    can’t wait for Amsterdam :)

    hope to see you there
    xx Martina

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