I’ve been working out for many years but its only the past 3 weeks that I’ve been doing it with my new personal trainers. Some of you know I am getting ready for the We Own The Night race in Amsterdam with Nike, but I am training not only on cardio, but also focusing on core and strength.  One request I had for my trainers was; Gimme a summer six pack!. They said I gotta stop eating eggs benedict every time I go for lunch for starters -Too bad they stumbled upon my instagram account and discovered my eggs benedict addiction :S hahah-. I told them I cant possibly give up on the eggs benedict, but I did promise them I would work extra hard everytime we work my abs, so here are some of the things we do…More exercises after the jump!




Total look by Nike

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98 thoughts on “SUMMER SIX PACK

  1. Oh yes I am doing the first workout type for one minute.
    It’s not easy but with the right strength of mind everyone can do it.
    Great Post, love the animated pictures.

  2. Try out Pilates! Or even ball Pilates. It’s super fun and even though it’s painful, it’s a good feeling – a satisfying burn.

  3. Love the way you presented your work out moves, really nice work out outfit too! Good luck on the race!

  4. I am wishing (working) to get those summer six packs myself…
    will b doing the exercises u told for sure now

  5. WOW, loved your post, thank you for sharing some of your fitness routines, very helpful and super inspirational for getting butt of the couch and start exercising!

    I can’t wait now to see your SUMMER SIX PACK, you will post about it once you have it, won’t you? :) <3 xoxo

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