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Shampoo: REDKEN extreme  |  Hair Mask: REDKEN clear moisture  |  Body Wash: & Other Stories Couture Carnival  |  Body Scrub: Korres “Fig”  |   Face Scrub: Rudolph

Once I get fixated with certain beauty products, its really hard for me to change my mind. When it works, why change it right?.
This is what’s currently in my shower. All great products I use on a daily basis and which I love. Which are your shower musts?

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44 thoughts on “MY SHOWER MUSTS

  1. I used to have Redken products and I absolutely LOVED them. I have real frizzy and wavy hair and Redken products really did the trick. Since I’ve moved overseas it’s real hard to find them without spending loads of money! I haven’t tried the hair mask but I’m definitely going to look for it (:

  2. “When it works, why should we change ?” I could have said that ahaha I was a huge Kerastase-Fan. I was really convinced about these products. However I decided once to try Redken (Just for fun… YOLO) and I was like… “Well… No. No more change. Ever” and it took ages to use the whole bottle :P


  3. Finding the right product usually is trial and error sort of thing but finding the right one is fantastic, it’s like – phewww…my wallet can finally relax and so can my hair…or whatever u’re after :))

    Lovely post btw!

    Sandra from

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