AndyTorresAmsterdam5 AndyTorresAmsterdam3 AndyTorresAmsterdam2 AndyTorresAmsterdam7 AndyTorresAmsterdam6 AndyTorresAmsterdam4 AndyTorresAmsterdamBoyfriend Jeans: MiH Jeans  |  Hat: Maison Michel  |  Jacket: Mango  |  Sweater: Uniqlo  |  Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I actually didn’t steal these jeans from a sexy man before I walked out the door in the morning and if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell. The truth is, for some bizarre and crazy reason I am all into baggy jeans lately, maybe its because I have been loosing my mind a little with the amount f work I have lined up, or maybe its because they are just so damn comfy. This is a tricky shape of jeans tho and they’re not for everyone as the can both make you look wider and shorter so just try them on and see if they work for your body type. Either way, boyfriend jeans are having a moment for me but I gotta be careful, I already heard boys gossiping about how much they hate “the flat shoe” trend so if I wear these jeans with flats, I would raise a few of their eyebrows. Sorry boys, I know you like us girls on high heels and tight clothes, but sometimes those are not really ideal, specially the tight clothes bit, at least for me…

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144 thoughts on “LE BOYFRIEND

  1. Boys will be boys, I’d like my boy to wear navy every chance he gets, but hey he didn’t comply either ;-)



  2. that leather jacket form mango is so pretty. I’m more the skinny jeans kind of girl but I love the flat shoes trend. I have bought amazing pink timberlands and pastel brogues for this season.

  3. Fiquei apaixonada pelo seu chapéu! Amei a cor! ♥
    Ah, sim, e a calça boyfriend também, sou suspeita pra falar dela! :) Hehe.

    Bj Thaís,

  4. You’re so damn right, boyfriend jeans are not for everyone. I’ve been looking for a pair of those for me but nothing seems to fit. I’m short and with curvy hips and that’s not very helpful.
    But I haven’t lost my faith yet :D You look great, as usual.

    S. // The Citified

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