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A quick flashback to just before I went to Paris, when I had fun styling the Max Mara J Bag, which is the perfect timeless & fashionable bag. I am very picky when it comes to the bags I wear and I love this one for those exact reasons. The shape of the J Bag is so versatile and I can really dress it up and down, its simple and minimalistic but it has that “Je ne sais quoi”. My first -to go to- look had to be something a bit more rock n roll, with a leather jacket and black pumps, but I feel like everything goes with this bag and I love pushing myself creatively to style it in as many ways as possible.

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136 thoughts on “3 LOOKS – 1 JBAG

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  2. Hola Andy:

    Me encantan todos tus look pero sobre todo el segundo. Por favor dime donde consigo la falda !!!!… Exitos

  3. Evidently, this simple, yet elegant bag goes well with anything. It’s a gorgeous subtle piece, that somewhat acts as a neutralizer. The first look is sophisticated, but the lacy socks, a small but important detailing, adds such a delicate feel. The second look is feminine, and in a way, flirty. The last look, my favorite, is so easy to wear, and super casual with a soft hint of wine red color for added richness. And yet, the bag just seems to be there, fitting seamlessly in with all the outfits. Lovely!
    Melody x

  4. where do you have the blue tartan patterned skirt? It is amaazing, I love it!
    And the last one with the black maxi skirt is just great, I’d want to wear maxi skirts and hats so badly and it looks absolutely wearable on you even together! Great!

  5. Me encantan absolutamente los tres outfits!! Uno más lindo que el otro, no sabría con cual quedarme!!

  6. Andy, esta cartera es perfecta! me he dado cuenta como esta muy de moda los looks minimalistaa! los looks que creaste están hermosos.



  7. It’s a really great bag, the color is easy to combine and the shape is timeless. It seems as there is plenty of space to carry around a lot of stuff a girl needs ;)
    great outfits, love the second and third one, really classy!!
    xo, Sarah

  8. Ese bolso es un muerto, tu no lo llevas, él te lleva a tí. Además es tan clásico que hace mayor. Pero los 3 looks geniales.

  9. I don’t like that bag at all, it is too much in your face. haha. I think it is perfectly your style but I think the bag is just too big. xoxo Vanessa

    The 1st outfit I love the blue tartan skirt, so cool, and love the black lace socks, way cute with the black heels!♥
    I LOOOVE THE 2ND OUTFIT SO MUCH! It is soo cuute and perfect! ♥♥♥♥

  11. These three looks are so amazing, my favorite is the second, it’s perfect and so cool. The handbag is beautiful and you can make a lot of differents looks with it. Love so mucht these high boots and you look really cute with the hat


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