AndyTorresDVF2 AndyTorresDVF3 AndyTorresDVF4 AndyTorresDVF5 AndyTorresDVF AndyTorresDVF7 AndyTorresDVF6I’M WEARING >> Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg  |   Bag: DVF  |  Jacket: MANGO  |  Ear Cuffs & Rings: Tom Wood  |  Tulle Skirt: DIY

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Carrie Bradshaw is tulle, tulle and more tulle. I recently and FINALLY got the complete DVD collection of Sex and The City, which I have been meaning to for ages, but for whatever reason I was always postponing it. The point is, I had forgotten how inspiring Carrie is/was -Can you believe its been 10 years since the season finale?!-. I kept looking at her wardrobe on the show and even if I wouldn’t have worn half of the stuff, not literally at least, there were things to take and edit from every single look. Thats when I decided to make this very simple 2 layer tulle skirt, mainly for under or over layering.
I was wearing this simple grey DVF dress yesterday and I thought it was the perfect canvas to try my under layer and channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw.

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143 thoughts on “INNER BRADSHAW

  1. I have to ask, where are those shoes from!!! Love the look, but im dying over those shoes more than anything else!

  2. Ohh, Andy!
    I love this, i think it’s very very “Carrie Bradshaw”!
    I love your blog & I’m a bit addicted to “Sex & the City” too.

    Thnak you for all your style advices.

    You rock babe! <3

    Gracias por "ser punta de lanza" para que México empiece a ser considerado un país con estilo, glamour y sobre todo, talento para hacer DISEÑO. <3

  3. I love this look, and I totally agree with you when you say it is SO Carrie Bradshaw. I also see her as a huge inspiration and I keep re-watching the old episodes over and over again. Definitely one of my favourite series. xx

  4. Haha tris post is great and Carrie Bradshaw is the icon of every fashion victim/lover… and that’s the only true!
    And you’r amazing in Carrie’s mood with this adorable tulle detail!!!


  5. ILOVECarrie, is an amanzing all about the serie, isnot wear clothes is feeling , and how she drees it <3

  6. Wow! The mesh lining adds a bit of delicate and feminine feel, while the leather jacket toughens it out. The shoes are so sexy, while the dress adds a subtle hint of color. And the bag is so iconic, and is a great center piece that doesn’t wash out everything else. Stunning!
    Melody x

  7. Ce look est hyper top la robe est superbe la veste est magnifique les bottines sont hyper belles les photos sont sublimes

  8. What a great idea of adding that detail to a dress! I adore how it looks now and I am really impressed! Wonderful look dear xx

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