AndyTorresDenim AndyTorresDenim4 AndyTorresDenim3 AndyTorresDenim2 AndyTorresDenim5 AndyTorresDenim6Denim jacket: MANGO  |  Flare jeans: MiH  |  Cropped Top: ZARA  |  T-Shirt: Isabel Marant for H&M  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Rings: Tom Wood

Ahhhh!!!! That priceless moment at the end of the winter when it starts to feel like Spring, the flowers start blossoming and you don’t need a million layers to go out the door. That is Amsterdam lately and I feel utterly happy about it…I fell in love with this MANGO denim jacket while shooting for ELLE Russia last week and I was itching to be able to wear it on the blog, probably will be wearing it more than once, so beware ;)

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


117 thoughts on “DENIM SUIT

  1. I really like this outfit. Please wear that amazing jeans jacket more often. It looks so beautiful on you.
    About spring I feel the same way like you do. Away with the winter coats and welcome to all the blazers and beautiful light jackets :) xx

  2. This look feels so casual and vintage, with the boot-cut jeans and the slightly frayed denim jacket. The watch gives is chic, and gives the look a more modern feel. And the soft bag is the definition of slouchy and effortless! Gorgeous!
    Melody x

  3. what? you are in like some kind of phase wearing top over t-shirt?
    ok, I get it – you have your own style right now, but it would be nice if you get out of the box from time to time….. surprise us! it’s all about basics in your wardrobe.. it’s not that I don’t like your style, but you become predictable ..


    1. StyleScrapbook is about my style dear and how I adapt things according to what I am into at the moment. I feel inspired by that so I wear it. I spent too much time in the past not wearing what I liked because I used to listened to what other people thought and that all changed. I always encourage my readers to follow their gut and experiment with their own styles, despite what other people like or think.
      If you think I have become predictable that is a shame, but I wont force myself to wear what others want me to wear, because then, what is the point of this blog?

      1. Bravo Andy! I love your style and I appreciate that you have remained true to it. There are a handful of bloggers who have become walking advertisements. And that, to me is predictable. I can tell when a certain company is sponsoring bloggers because like clockwork, they will all post similar outfits. Eg. the most recent Calvin Kleins under garments. They all happened to be lounging in Calvins? I think not.

      2. I haven’t said that you should wear something you don’t like – of course not!! that’s why you’re amazing… you don’t care what other people think! and you’re not like the others bloggers, who are like all wearing uniforms (all the same) it’s just I miss that brave Andy who, at lease, wears some amazing and great accessories… just for that small “wow” effect… Sorry if I offended you, that was not the purpose of my comment :)

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