AndyTorresMadeleine2 AndyTorresMadeleine7 AndyTorresMadeleine12 AndyTorresMadeleine8 AndyTorresMadeleine10 AndyTorresMadeleine6 AndyTorresMadeleine13 AndyTorresMadeleine5 AndyTorresMadeleine9 AndyTorresMadeleine4Jeans: MiH Jeans  |  Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Hat: Vintage  |  Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

The moment I thought of this outfit, I wanted look as if I came out of the 1970’s and I think it really work out that way.
Paris makes me feel different about styling, I don’t know why that is, but I always end up styling my looks according to the city I am in. I don’t really do it on purpose, but whenever I unpack, I really feel the vibe of the city in the looks I pull for each trip.
These last few days in Paris have been magical, perfect weather to start the day with the right foot and I walked so much, It didn’t really matter that I had to miss some of my Nike trainings last week.
Tomorrow however…

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


153 thoughts on “1971

  1. OMG I never let go of my beloved bell bottom pants – they’re just so right in every season, no matter if skinnies or boyfriends’ jeans are in the spotlight – I feel like those are really timeless!
    Too bad I lost so much weight they don’t fit me anymore :(( I still keep them and hope I’ll grow into them again! BIG LOVE, that’s the name for it <3

  2. Another amazing photosoot! I think I have to agree with you… Paris makes your style so stunning, in spite I don’t like the jeans, you look so fabulous, so 70’s!

  3. How do you even find so many ways to pose?! I take maybe 3 pictures every other day and I can barely think of a way to stand. Then again, it’s winter so it’s hard to sit down and all..
    You are a professional.


  4. Such a beautiful photography and the jeans… I just love them. The type of jean that you can wear forever, timeless jeans.

    Des bisous


  5. What a befitting title. These jeans are absolutely iconic, and for some reason, has a modern feel to it.. well, as they do say, fashion does recycle. The militaristic jacket adds toughness, but the intricate emblem is somewhat elegant. Gold on deep blue is regal, but also masculine in this look. Stunning!
    Melody x

  6. gorgeous photos, I am in love with your vintage jacket. I totally agree with dressing for the city your in, why wouldn’t you want to dress for Paris!?x

  7. Flare jeans are making a comeback!
    I’m new to blogging & hoping to make friends! Take a look: roseylittleme.blogspot.com

  8. I absolutely love this look on you. The photos are gorgeous as well. And I can absolutely understand why you’re loving Paris so much as I love this city too!

  9. It happens to me the same, when I travel my style also does ! It´s a beautiful experience seeing how your imagination is able to recreate so many styles upon different cities, places, occasions …
    I absolutely love your flare jeans paired with the gorge sweater

    XX Luba

    Super chic girly look with Valentinos, today on

  10. You look so elegant and Parisian like! Beautiful blazer and I love how you paired it with those jeans. Simply beautiful xx


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