AndyTorresWBarcelona5 AndyTorresWBarcelona4 AndyTorresWBarcelona3 AndyTorresWBarcelona12 AndyTorresWBarcelona7 AndyTorresWBarcelona10 AndyTorresWBarcelona AndyTorresWBarcelona8 AndyTorresWBarcelona11I’M WEARING  >>  Wide leg Pants  |  T-Shirt: Isabel Marant for H&M  |  Cropped Turtle neck: ASOS  |  Shoes: Sandro  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Cap: Mango

When it comes to perfect indoor locations to shoot at, the W Hotel in Barcelona takes the palms. I almost never ever shoot indoors, apart from the odd post here and there, but these chairs were too good not to shoot, plus there was the strongest gust of wind known to men happening outside.
Its interesting how I just want to wear flare pants lately, considering I have been hooked on the skinny jeans for years and years. Its hard for me to find goof flares in good lengths, so my trick is to undo the hem. Probably not the most polished finish but at least they are long enough now.

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Photos by Richard Nicholls

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  1. Love your style!! & you have a really cool blog!!

    I´ve been going in your page a lot of times, now i follow youuu :)!

    I am a fashion designer starting my way in this fashion world, i would love you to go into MY UNIVERSE PANICULATA I also have a blog where i talk about trenes and post pica of my clothes!!!

    If you do go in i hope you enjoy ;)!!!!


  2. Love the wide leg pants!! and those shoes! i recently bought a pair of dark pink ones.
    i find it funny that for you pants are too short and for me they are always way too long :) besos!

  3. Seriously, you make me want to wear flared pants… and that means a lot for someone who is LIVING in skinnies ! I love the outfit :)

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