Its Sunday night and I am at home watching the Olympic Games closing ceremony, briefly looking at instagram updates and flipping through the pages of the Dutch Vogue magazine. I realized I havent really bought a magazine in ages -apart from the stack I got at Copenhagen’s airport 2 weeks ago-, when I used to collect French Vogue and have piles and piles and piles of it at home. At one point, I got so tired of seeing Ads on the first 60(?!) pages, I mean, it was ad after ad after ad. Boring stuff. Then I completely became an “online person”, I am a blogger so it makes sense right?.

I started to consume online content like theres no tomorrow, everything is so quick online. Something happens, boom! its on twitter, instagram, facebook, you name it and so I spent the past 6 years of my life changing my habits. Funny enough, I am sitting here a few years later, flipping through the pages of a magazine and finding it so incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Yeah, it sounds a bit dramatic but its true. I found myself making some iPhone photos of makeup trends -check my instagram if you don’t believe me-, making notes about styling tricks and so on.
My point is, I found my love for print again, suddenly and randomly. I embrace being part of the online generation and I am happy I managed to sneak my way in, Oh I am!, But something in me wants to go back to my old ways of consuming inspiration. At the end of the day, there is no reason why print should be in war with the online generation and viceversa.

How do you feel about print? It would be interesting to hear your opinion…

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Ok I get it, Fashion is fast, trends come and go in a blink of an eye and designers try keep us on the edge of our seats…But this?

I never, or more like very rarely talk about these subjects on the blog. Why? Because I try to focus on the things I DO like and what I know you guys enjoy seeing on StyleScrapbook, the thing is, I do want to share my opinion on this.

I have to confess to be rather confused when I saw all the overwhelming comments on social media saying “how genius this collection was” – Jeremy Scott’s collection for Moschino that is-…Shock value, I get it, its all about shock value nowadays (?), but genius?, thats a bit of a stretch. I personally would never go out wearing a Sponge Bob costume, no, not even on Halloween. But how about those fast food/candy/cereal print dresses? No thanks, but then again, the silhouettes were amazing, but those prints!?. What amazes me though, What’s really interesting to me is how most people seem to have loved the collection because of the loud prints and I wonder, is it me? Or do some of you agree with this?

Moschino is one of those iconic Italian brands, we all know Moschino and probably at some point, have obsessed over their belts -try to deny it-. The truth is, I feel like they were fading in the background and needed a new boom. I wonder if thats why they brought Jeremy Scott to the equation, because they knew he would do something crazy and controversial, just the thing you need to cause media frenzy and social media “viral factor”. If this is the case, it makes all the sense in the world; Do your crazy collection, get the spotlight back on Moschino and go back to your roots a few season down the line. From that perspective, what they did was “understandable”, but from that to people saying this collection was genius, thats where I get lost in translation.

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