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Ok I get it, Fashion is fast, trends come and go in a blink of an eye and designers try keep us on the edge of our seats…But this?

I never, or more like very rarely talk about these subjects on the blog. Why? Because I try to focus on the things I DO like and what I know you guys enjoy seeing on StyleScrapbook, the thing is, I do want to share my opinion on this.

I have to confess to be rather confused when I saw all the overwhelming comments on social media saying “how genius this collection was” – Jeremy Scott’s collection for Moschino that is-…Shock value, I get it, its all about shock value nowadays (?), but genius?, thats a bit of a stretch. I personally would never go out wearing a Sponge Bob costume, no, not even on Halloween. But how about those fast food/candy/cereal print dresses? No thanks, but then again, the silhouettes were amazing, but those prints!?. What amazes me though, What’s really interesting to me is how most people seem to have loved the collection because of the loud prints and I wonder, is it me? Or do some of you agree with this?

Moschino is one of those iconic Italian brands, we all know Moschino and probably at some point, have obsessed over their belts -try to deny it-. The truth is, I feel like they were fading in the background and needed a new boom. I wonder if thats why they brought Jeremy Scott to the equation, because they knew he would do something crazy and controversial, just the thing you need to cause media frenzy and social media “viral factor”. If this is the case, it makes all the sense in the world; Do your crazy collection, get the spotlight back on Moschino and go back to your roots a few season down the line. From that perspective, what they did was “understandable”, but from that to people saying this collection was genius, thats where I get lost in translation.

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  1. i agree with you, but i still think its a genious mkt strategy, you know the say “theres no such thing as bad publicity”, even though the spongebob andthe wrapping collections might not be that nice and dont seem at all wearable (speeeeecially the wraps one), the spotlight is still on them. About the new Barbie collection, i dont know if its because i am a Barbie fan, but i just looove it, as well as the mcdonalds one. I dont think those collections needed great intellect, they are all about bravery, i dont consider Jeremy Scott a genious designer, i consider him as a brave one, who dares and takes risks. and as for now, those risks are selling, and thats tho whole point of it.

  2. I just saw that (before reading the text)and thought “What the hell??? Oh, okay, this dress is nice, but chips on it? Wow”. So, I agree with you. And I never ever would dress something like that.

  3. Well, one thing I would like to say about this collection that it was very, very clever. He used commercial and recognizable images from the media to attract attention and that was done in a succesful way. I like it on the level that it does break with what is normally “allowed” on the catwalk. The fashion industry tends to create a really high profile, exclusive image for themselves, where everything related to low culture and pop culture is seen less valuable, which is not always right. There are certain rules in the fashion industry which Scott decided to break, because he used all the pop references you can think of. And that’s where I agree with you, using these recognizable images is not necessarily “genious”, but it is a very succesful strategy, that the fashion industry tends to step away from.

  4. I’m so glad you shared your opinion, because like you said everyone seems to love it (including sell out bloggers) it’s a shame!

  5. i totally agree with you. I usually dont post comments in any blog but THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POST I’VE EVER SEEN ON MY LIFE !! finally some one with personal taste and style and with working brain. congrats

  6. I have to comment here. I do not agree. I do quite like it. I have been a fan of Moschino for years and collect quite a lot of his older stuff. The stuff he designed before he sadly died of a heart attack.

    This is a collection Franco Moschino himself could have made. He made fashion with a wink, a little joke, never taking himself or the industry seriously. He made satire of the whole industry.

    For me a combination between Chanel and McDonalds represents that spirit. Fast fashion, more more more. Even in the big brands and the couture shows. This is something that does actually make a statement and I like that.

    But then again I am a bit of a clothing nerd.

  7. Without going too far, you can find a Moschino vintage on Farfetch: . Do you find any resemblances? Moschino is controversial. Moschino ISN’T the Moschino belt every fashion blogger desires. That is your idea of Moschino, and I don’t think the real Moschino is your style, and it’s not the style of every fashionista wearing a Moschino belt. I mean, there’s a Moschino tshirt that states “Moschifo” and “schifo” in Italian means “disgusting”.

  8. Como dice el dicho “cria fama y acuestate a dormir” una vez ya estas en la cima puedes hacer lo que te de la gana siemplemente porque ya tienes un nombre, una fama, como lo quieras llamar. Te apuesto que esto lo hace forever21 o alguna tienda por el estilo y nadie lo acepta. Me parecio terrible y ridiculo.

  9. Cultura Pop fue lo primero que vino a mi mente, se debe tomar en cuenta que el diseño de modas es arte. Entonces, ¿por qué no criticar a Andy Warhol por haber hecho simples cuadros de sopa Campbells? Sin embargo, estoy de acuerdo es que esto pudo haber sido utilizado para llamar la atención hacia la marca y seguramente fue todo un éxito, seguramente no va en la misma línea de diseño que Moschino ha presentado a lo largo de los años. Sea o no una estrategia de mercadeo para llamar la atención no se le debe restar el mérito al talento artístico del diseñador.

  10. I think is mostly about fashion being a source of art. Most of the runway shows are clothes are only use by certain amount of people, probably due to their high cost but also because they are daring pieces. So in my opinion the approach that Jeremy Scott took towards this opportunity, was completely of a controversial form of art. Like we know everything in art nowadays has to be extremely controversial and or different in order to compete with the growing demand as well as to differ from old masterpieces. What do you think?

  11. Hi Andy, I must be one of the few people who disagree :) I understand why some people might find it hideous or non-fashionable, but I don’t see why ‘fashion’ always has to be classic or even ‘tasteful’, whatever that may be. I think Moschino touches on an important point here to make a distinction between what people consider to be high class and low class or popular culture, and I find that really interesting. Pop is not fashionable in many people’s opinion and to like pop or anything that is popular is even worse, because…why?? It’s clothes people, a form of expression. And Moschino has been known to come out with some pretty outrageous stuff before. I’m glad designers like Jeremy Scott are there to remind us that fashion should be fun and shake things up a bit, and I would wear a Spongbob sweater any day of the week.

  12. It sure did catch up eye, not in a ‘I would wear it’ sense but the shock factor sense that you mention! crazy! xx

  13. Someone said what everyone was thinking and was too afraid to.
    What a miss in the fashion blogs today is a little less commercial thinking, more honesty
    and more opinion/personal posts. I love your blog because of that.
    Congratulations Andy!!


  14. I’m so glad that somebody see it the way I do. I just don’t understand it, for seasons Moschino was the shows that i liked to watch, but now? This is Jeremy Scott not Moschino.
    Good that You have talked about it. Show must go on but McDonald, Chanel and Sponge Bob thats too much in one.

  15. I totally agree with you,I saw all those comments saying it was a perfect collection and I was thinking how people could say that,I thought maybe it was because of him,Jeremy Scott,but in my opinion,if you really like fashion yo can´t say you like something or something is fabolous just because of the one who designs it.That´s why I´m still in my opinion and I´m not going to change my opinion,so I totally agree,the shapes are perfects but not the prints,they are horrible,they are a huge mistake. Kisses Andy,love you<3

  16. Dear Andy!
    Im completely agree with you, Jeremy needs to find his way, this pop on Moschino for me doesn’t work! Im really sad for the brand cause is iconic as you said!

  17. andy, I agree with you completely. i don’t want to be harsh, but this is pure trash and has nothing to do with fashion. the saddest thing is that some brainwashed girl (not to say fashion blogger) will spend tons of money thinking that this is something s/he needs to have in order to be popular and fashionable. that’s the reason why I sometimes hate fashion industry. keep up the good work :*

  18. Finally someone who’s not blindly following everything that happens on the runway or what the most famous icons dictate! It has slightly gone to insanity… You are one of the very few most known fashion bloggers who sticks to your own style, some of them have gone too far and wear everything for the shows, every high end fashion brand which is not attractive nor interesting anymore…
    Good job Andy!
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  19. Totally agree with you! I really like the silhouettes (not of every garment, but of a few), but the prints are terrible. I would never wear this! People would wear it only because it’s Moschino! If a mainstream brand would sell such a collection, they would find no sale…


  20. I totally agree with you Andy, this show was at least different.. I’m really happy for your opinion in this matter, because nowadays bloggers don’t give their opinion about collections, brands or other subjects related it any more, they just wear the clothes and promote them. And for me the beauty of fashion blogger industry is to show in a more personal way your vision about the fashion world and everything surrounding. The shapes and sillouthes were amazing but I didn’t really understood the patterns.. I liked the SpoongBob sweaters but the thing is you can afford them for much less, I personally would not buy a mochino piece with the cartoon on it.
    Thanks for your opinion!!

  21. Agree! The silhouettes are great though. But I really liked the bags Jeremy Scott designed. Small purses which looked like mini biker jackets..


  22. Totalmente de acuerdo! Realmente es una idea refrescante o simplemente cliché? Si hay algo que me molesta es el sobrevalorar conceptos.
    Me encanta tu blog y me inspira totalmente a seguir adelante y quitarme el miedo a adentrarme al mundo de la moda.
    Besos desde México.

  23. Oh my GOSH thank you for the honesty Andy!!! Seriously!! I couldn’t even understand what the heck was going on!! I almost thought it was a joke!! But I do agree with you, it’s almost like they needed to make headlines and wanted to create something out of the ordinary..which they did, in a way….however, I don’t know how ‘great’ it can be considered since I wouldn’t imagine myself wearing any of these pieces…although I know that some people just blindly wear things without necessarily thinking about it, which is something that I don’t agree with to begin with.

    But anyway, thank you for the honesty of this post. I appreciate that a lot because I did not like the collection, at all..

  24. Oh I totally agree with you, nor Jeremy’s or any of the other food printed clothes.
    As a media strategy is genius though.

  25. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo Andy.
    Por fin alguien se atreve a comentar lo que todos pensamos, lo que nadie dice.
    Me encanta ver este tipo de reflexiones en tu blog,ojalá sigas subiendo entradas como ésta más seguido.
    Amor desde México.

  26. Yea I agree with you. I myself was shocked when I saw the whole collection. Mcdonalds is not even Italian and neither is spongebob. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. Its good to know that not all bloggers are praising fashion because they need. Individual perspective is equally as important.

  27. OMG! I’m so glad someone talked about this! When I saw this highlighted as Moschino x Jeremy Scott’s “fabulous” new line, I cringed. I definitely see this as a media strategy which is odd because I was completely in love with the recent Love Moschino line but I guess a brand must keep reinventing themselves to stay current. I know for a fact I will not be sporting a McDonald’s dress!


  28. The forms and colors are a fashion forward trend but using a commonly known brands and logos is just a cheap way to bring attention and drama back to the fashion house. Although, like you said shapes are beautiful but the prints were just tacky.
    Thanks for being one of those bloggers who doesn’t follow the herd.

  29. This is ridiculous. I’m so over the “I’m too cool” clothes, the extravagant “high fashion” collections of fashion week, from runway to street style. it makes them look like a douche. And everyone who drinks the koolaid are just sheep. Seriously, they need to get over themselves.

  30. THANK GOD! I TOTALLY agree with you. Finally someone who seems to understand something about fashion. I was starting to feel like an alien seeing all the craze for this collection and my complete disapproval.

  31. I love Jeremy Scott, but maybe Moschino isn´t the right brand for him and maybe it was a better idea to stay at him own label. However, it is very Jeremy Scott and I love that.

  32. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I read reviews on this and they were all positive but this collection really was pointless and I’m glad someone shares my opinion!! Xo

  33. I know!!!
    When I saw this I was like ‘what the ****?’
    I don’t think that’s fashion… honestly I think it’s ridiculous and people saying it’s genious… well… I think some people go with anything they see just because its Moschino or any well known brand.

  34. to be honest i dont think is fashion but if someone wanted to get attention he got it. im interested how the next collection will look like. french fries hats? chicken wings jacket …. hm its quite controversial but im so glad that you have talked about it and brought the subjectivity to the blog because all bloggers suddenly talk how they like this and that because they are supported by brands but rarely nobody talks about the things bothers him … i think that is true blogging, to talk about our opinions and feelings about the subject …..

  35. I guess it’s media Tragedy:D As you said silhouettes are great but prints…. definitely not. I really like the fact that you mentioned it on the blog with your opinion about the whole thing;)

  36. The fact is that in today’s world people care about the important names or brands too much. This isn’t something that happens only in fashion. I’m certain that if someone who isn’t famous created this collection he would be ridiculed instead of complimented. As you said, the silhouettes are interesting but the print on most of these outfits looks too bright and clownish.

  37. Lo que pasa es que ya nos estábamos acostumbrando a colecciones muy ponibles… Últimamente los diseñadores hacen colecciones más comerciales pero yo me acuerdo que cuando era más joven veía los desfiles y pensaba: Quién se pondrá esto? Nadie!…

    Enfín… han conseguido que la gente hable de Moschino… bien ó mal hablan! Me imagino que habrá sido una estrategia de marketing…


  38. I’m totally agree with you, Andy! and I thank you to show your real opinion on it. When I saw the collection I thought “seriously?”. I’m Italian, I love fashion and I love who genius in fashion really is, so I know very well what is style, elegance and wonderful creations: look at Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Valentino and so on. They are genius! Not someone who put on a shrit the Sponge Bob face.
    But everyone can choose what likes most, that’s the beauty of freedom, above all in fashion.
    Let’s continue to show who really are you, Andy! xx

  39. The only one I like in the least bit is the Moschino sweater-dress-thing that resembles the Golden Arches of McDonald’s. I think that one is a little clever, and cute enough that I would actually wear it. The others are simply a label printed on a pretty dress. I have to agree with you that those are far from “genius.”

  40. No Andy, I don’t think it’s just you… to be honest, I think calling this “fashion” or even “genius” is an insult to all those outstanding designers out there that actually deserve being at a runway show.
    It’s Moschino, I get it, but this is just ridiculous!

  41. Well spoken Andy! I love when you rarely post about a matter like this and share our opinions!
    Most of the silhouettes indeed are gorgeous, but the fast food and spongebob graphics must be a scream for attention. And for that matter, genius, but then, what a waste – who is ever going to wear them?
    XO Laura

  42. I think this Sponge Bob‘s clothes is fun…. but I understand you and I agree with you. sometimes, things that people think be so beautiful, perfect… is really so stranger!!! I think: If I wear this clothes some people will call me a crazy! We don’t have how to wear this clothes! This clothes are not to wear… just to see… So are useless!!!!

  43. okay well some pieces are adorable, like the cropped spongebob top, but hey.. more for a 8 year old. i agree with you on this because even though it is media wise very well done, i can not seem to find this ‘fashion’ worth being a high end designer brand. no.

  44. I couldn’t help but be roped into your comments and post today. I completely agree with you with the fact that nobody on their right mind would ever be walking around in a Spongebob outfit or cereal print ads- at least anybody over the age of 16. But with that being said, I feel like it was at the same time brilliant because as you said, they were fading out somewhere and needed some relevance and attention if you will with this collection. Call it brilliant or call it media strategy- it caught our attention so something they did worked. Anything these days that keep us covered instead of shocking us with nudity and disgust like Miley Cyrus is a win in my book.

  45. I totally agree with you. There is a difference between edgy and tacky. These don’t seem like real clothes that people will wear. At least not the dresses. I don’t like it at all. It’s kind of fun but I think I see it more as like an art show might be put on. Just for people to look at and not as actual clothing.

  46. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m just not a fan of it and i usually love his stuff, it’s too gimmicky for me and something i hope really doesnt catch on with everyone. He knew it was going to get this much attention and that is why he went for it,without the print everything is beautiful with it not my style, now the gucci show on the other hand was on point!

  47. Fashion, like art, has to rise a feeling (bad or good) even using the provocation. Moschino always shocked even if we usually remember only the Moschino Belts or slogans. Maybe all these will last a beating of wings, maybe we’ll not see a huge walking Spongebob down the streets(though I’m sure I’ll see them during next Fashion Weeks :D ) but we should all remeber that Fashion it’s fun also, it’s a show to share or to attend before to be a collection to sell.

    Enjoy your life :)


  48. Andy, tienes toda la razón. Esos estampados y los diseños gráficos están demás. Está bien expresar sus ideas en el “runway”, pero lo dudo mucho que puedan vender su mercancía. Imagínate “blogueras” con sus “daily fashion ootd” con una camisa de Spongebob. Eehh, feo.

  49. I COMPLETELY AGREE! I thought it was such a stupid decision to go with these prints! I saw a picture of Anna Dello Russo wearing them and she looked super stupid! It was really hard to even focus on the silhouettes because the prints were so bad

  50. My first reaction when I saw this “REALLY?! C’mon…”.
    And I do share your thoughts on this shocking-trend-moment collection. I mean, does anyone really want to wear a skirt that looks a candy to work? To a Sunday stroll? Or even to a date? I don’t think so. Not even to fashion week!
    The silhouettes are beautiful, really. Change the colors and patterns and you have a classic elegant silhouette, very feminine. But this is just too much…


  51. Totally agree, not genius at all.
    But I also like the silhouettes, though.

    Anyway, I don`t get why fashion has to be more and more special and crazy and can`t just be beautiful, normal fashion?
    Also those street-styles are getting more and more non-fashion in my opinion.
    I don´t know Brian Boy in personal, but I actually like him and his blog, but I just saw some weeks ago on Instagram, that he was wearing a teddy bear costume in a fashion show? Or did I get it wrong? I was just thinking he`s gotta be kidding me.

    kisses, Gio.

  52. I totally agree with you! Getting attention is one thing, but designing clothes with Spongebob and McDonald´s inspired motives is just not what I want to see on the runway! For me, this has nothing to do with high fashion. It looks so trashy that I can´t believe this is Moschino and available today at
    I would love to see who´s ordering something from this collection :D

    Best regards,

  53. I could not agree more. It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth. When I saw the McDonalds/Moschino hybrid M, I was like, ummmm?!! Yeah I’m not a fan at all but shocked I am. Therefore, here I am commenting and giving it my attention which is clearly what they’re after.

  54. I don’t like the picture of Bob l’éponge on the top but I love the puffy jacket and leggings/ the colours ans spots are really great! One has to admit the collection was really daring, and very unconventional and unexpected, to say the least!

  55. I found the collection very strange. For me the sponge bob prints seemed to jar against the fast food prints. I just don’t understand the relationship.
    As for their wear-ability I quite enjoy the fast food prints (some of it’s a little too far such as the happy meal handbags) but I think its fun and reflects peoples mood at the moment.

    Jazzie x

  56. I usually don’t read many blogs around fashion week time, most posts aren’t that interesting unless you’re actually there but this, THIS I love. I think it’s great and engaging that you’re showing your opinion. I totally agree; I have to admit, at first, I was like woah the collection is cool but realistically, what the heck was up with it?! I think it was to put the spotlight back on them as well. I will not be wearing sweet wrapper prints anytime soon. It would’ve been cool as a small motif but the whole garment? nah, not at all.
    Lazy Obsession x

  57. Coincido contigo, esos estampados son
    algo que jamás usaría, cumplen con el
    objetivo de llamar -quizás demasiado- la
    atención pero salen de mi gusto
    personal y solo me dejan en “shock”,
    mas no con las ganas de usar ninguna
    de las nuevas piezas de Moschino.

  58. very well written, i would love to see more thoughtful entries like this one from you! you brought up some great points, cheers!

  59. Thank you for this post! I totally agree with you and finally someone speeks out for this fashion madnes!It is not art, it is not fashion, it is dreadful!

  60. Hi Andy,
    I’m Italian and i’m totally agree with you; I think that Jeremy Scott was a really bad choice for Moschino, and this collection is the proof. Why people should wear a Spongebob sweater in the street?

  61. May be an unpopular opinion but I actually disagree with you. The reason I say this is because the current digital prints that are flowing through the high street. Jumpers with food, animals and anything you can think of have been printed on to some sort of garment.

    Topshop also brought out a collection of clothes with food on them including fries and burgers. I think he has hit the nail on the head, especially that trends are hitting the 90’s again. It may be for the more underground fashionistas but it surely has dollar signs written all over it.

    It may be a little crazy and risqué in some peoples point of view, but I think as a collection Jeremy Scott pulled through.


  62. I couldn’t agree more. I have always had a neutral reaction to Jeremy Scott’s creations. Unfortunately it is not the case with this collection , there is absolutely nothing worth loving or at least worth praising. The designs look simply copied & sadly this whole copying thing seems to be a trend. Recently Anya Hindmarch’s collection showcased the same thing. Today when most of the designers don’t hesitate to dig deep or to speak metaphorically to make an opinion, this collection seems a little too lame & an example of the fact that today lucrative business is the only aim in the minds of the designers.

    On the brighter side , you should pen down more of your opinions. I & I know many would be delighted to read your opinion.

  63. Can’t agree with you more. Sometimes I think people love it just for the name of the brend. I don’t know… I don’t know what Jeremy Scott wanted to say with this collection!? Maybe: “I’m famous and I can do whatever I want, I know that people will love it, because it’s Moschino.” Or it’s just a marketing strategy so people would talk about it! Good post!

  64. I agree, I don’t think I’d wear any of these pieces BUT on the other hand I really think it was a good strategic move, since everyone is talking about it and I have to say, the pieces are soo interesting, I looked at each for a few minutes. Nowadays is all about ‘scandal’ if you want to catch people’s attention(just look at Miley Cyrus) and I think Moschino succeeded in that.

  65. I definitely agree with what you said in this post, and honestly it feels so good to finally see someone who I consider important in the fashion world (that would be you) expressing their own thoughts and opinion about something fashion related!

    I feel like sometimes big bloggers and fashion insiders are too afraid about expressing negative opinions and reactions about the biggest brands out there and I really admire what you did :)

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts and have a beautiful weekend!

    xo tiphaine

  66. this collection actually screams “fun” , but this is not my thing. I got little disappointed when I saw it in a first place, because I didn’t expect this. and my first thought was: ” ok , there is nothing else to do in fashion, let us all wear Spongebob”. I don’t like it at all. There are some great pieces in this collection, to be honest, but those crazy prints are to much. Something I would never wear, no matter how much I love Moschino. Maybe this is a small step back for them. Also I believe that persons who are crazy for TRANDS and BRAND name would wear this, but not the person who actually love and KNOW the fashion.


  67. Hola, yo me quedé a cuadros cuando vi la colección, en estado de shock. Ha y vestidos que tienen un corte estupendo, pero es lo que dices tú, el estampado es……….. No encuentro las palabras adecuadas para describirlo. También es verdad que, si lo que intentaron fue llamar la atención y causar sensación, lo han conseguido segurísimo, pero a mi nunca me pillarán de esa guisa por la calle, eso seguro. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo.

    Un beso

  68. Interesting post Andy! When I saw the picture on facebook (post), I thought: I do not believe she liked it! I even think entertaining the idea of ​​a yellow scarf with black balls, but dressing the packaging definitely not attracted me. So, besides agreeing with your text, I cheer you. It takes courage to criticize any brand / collection when you work with it! I’m just admiring the still more Style Scrapbook. :*

  69. i agree with your confusion, i saw the collection and thought they were promoting other brands more than being inventive for themselves. basically copying mcdonalds, that’s not new it’s just making something commercial entertaining which i don’t think fashion is for; yes be loud and wow, experiment, but don’t not just, not make a realy deign effort and use another logo as your basis. maybe the actual cut of the outfit was great, but i wouldn’t wear this, i’d feel as if i were promoting mcdonalds, not moschino
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –
    Support my Photography Project here !

  70. I cannot agree with you more. I myself don’t understand why people are so in love with this collation. I get it it’s different but still I wouldn’t wear it even if it was for free. It’s simply too much.

  71. It’s not just you Andy!
    I thought the same when I saw their collection! I really really love their work and their brand but this just made me laugh and wondering if they signed a contract with the biggest fast food company in world. It’s funny to see these looks on the runway but I wouldn’t wear them anyway. Maybe they felt like carnival has to be all season long? :D

    Have a great day! <3

    xx Deborah Chloé

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