February 11, 2014 in Lookbook by Andy

AndyTorresFor-RiverIsland3 AndyTorresFor-RiverIsland AndyTorresFor-RiverIsland2 AndyTorresFor-RiverIsland4 AndyTorresFor-RiverIsland6 AndyTorresFor-RiverIsland5Jeans . Shirt . Shoes . Bag . Sweatshirt . Coat : RIVER ISLAND

I am getting ready to go to London and it will be my 5th flight in less than 2 weeks. Things can get a little crazy sometimes and even tho it gets overwhelming, I cant wait to get on that plane and start it all over…
I am very drawn to jeans lately -yet again-, I mean, who isn’t?, specially when they are black -I have even been ripping few pairs lately-.

I remember when I went to Mexico for Christmas and my Dad saw me wearing a pair of ripped jeans on the knee;
-Did you drag yourself all the way from Holland?
-Do you need some money for a new pair?
No dad, this is how they are supposed to be. You know what, never mind, you will never get it and you don’t have to like them.

Dads will be dads right? Just to keep my Father happy, I am also wearing non ripped jeans too. This black pair is from River Island and its purrrrfect. Lets see how long it takes before I start making few holes in the knees 😛

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