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  1. it’s so good experience Andy. you look so beautiful more and more time. You know my country? Indonesia.I think you will get good picture in my country. Because Indonesia is tropic. So many island and beautiful beach in there, such as “Raja Ampat”. You must search

  2. Sí, tienes mucha suerte y potencial, y vas a llegar más lejos ;)

    P.D. Puedo hacerte unas preguntas? (para una materia xD)

  3. I worked in W hotel but never stayed, I am sure this was an amazing experience! The hotel itself is very young only 4 years old!
    Love your black and white pictures, they are so “inner world” !!

    I invite you to visit my blog, I am still much of a newy but I making my way! Cheers!


  4. Que bueno que estes pasando un buen tiempo. Me encantaron las fotografías, te ves muy casual y relajada :)

  5. It’s refreshing how you describe your location and the view. You just made me remembered the movie “The Book Thief.” There was this young guy who hides under the basement. He was nearly dead. When this girl, kept reading him many books that she borrowed (actually without the consent of a rich owner) that eventually lead him to cheat death. But before he become so ill, since he’s hiding he asked this girl to describe him what was the weather outside. Like how she can feel the sun, was it raining or how does the snow chill.

    –  new outfit post

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