January 27, 2014 in Shopping by Andy

AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder1 AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder3 AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder4Velcro Boots: WeberHodelFeder

Months, its been literally months since I fell in love with these boots…Its no news that I am into masculine footwear, more and more lately, specially attracted to all things flat. I guess I don’t need the height since I am 1.80cm, plus a little comfort doesn’t hurt either.

I met the WeberHodelFeder designers at a party in Antwerp a few months back and we hit it off immediately, a talented bunch I tell you. I not only love their shoes, but I also predict great things for them coming in the future. Not a lot of emerging designers can say they sell at Colette in Paris, they can and I feel so happy for them!

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