136 thoughts on “SÖDERMALM

  1. Hi Andy,
    I believe you that it was really cold. There is snow in the background! I’m freezing already by looking at your pics and imagine the situation. Good that you made the photos so quickly.

    Hope you’re warmed up again.

    xoxo Juliane

  2. Love the outfit but by gosh you look like you’re freezing! Thanks for enduring the cold to show us readers your outfit!

  3. This is such a pretty chic outfit!
    I love it.
    Especially the Jumper!

    Please check out my beauty blog nailsandteapots.blogspot.co.uk xx

  4. Oh my god I can’t believe that this sweater is from H&M! It’s so perfect and I love how it looks on you! Also that wang bag is to die for xx

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