Its been a long time coming since I needed to update my “Shop my Closet“, but there was always this or that in the way…Since I came back from Mexico less than 2 weeks ago, I have been trying to make space in my closet and Its driving me insane that I cant fit anything anymore. Sadly but responsibly, I decided to but some of these items for sale. Im gonna be sad to see them go but I am sure they will find a good home to to go.

I will be trying to upload more stuff soon so stay tuned!

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44 thoughts on “SHOP MY CLOSET

  1. Hola Andy,
    Me interesan muchisimo los zapatos. Los pueden mandar a Chile? Y los precios y tallas?

  2. Why are the prices like if the items were brand new? I thought you wanted to get rid of the stuff. So it should be a sale, right? And you’ve already worn everything. Second hand items are not supposed to have those prices! Girl, I know you agree with me

    1. They are actually a lot cheaper than what they cost me and some of them I only worn twice dear ;)
      These are designer items in excellent conditions, investment classic pieces dear.

  3. Good thinking! There is nothing like a clear out of the wardrobe to make you feel better PLUS it makes more room for new stuff!! Yay

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