AndyTorresSunset AndyTorresSunset6 AndyTorresSunset4 AndyTorresSunset3 AndyTorresSunset2 AndyTorresSunset1Jacket: ZARA  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Jeans: MiH  |  Sweater: COS  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Beanie: DIY

This beanie again…I cant stop wearing it ever since I DIY’ed  few weeks ago. It just makes everything look more special, more feminine, even the simplest of looks, exactly like todays….I am back from Stockholm yet my mind is a complete whirlwind of whats about to come. I have  just 3 days to be home and get ready for some marathon of trips. I feel like there is a work overload piling on me and I have to confess, I am only human and I am a little stressed about it all, yet still so grateful I get to do what I love, everyday…

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116 thoughts on “WHIRLWIND

  1. Your a beautiful lady! You don’t deserve to be stressed so always find time to relax and never forget to smile. I’m glad that you love what you do because it can surely lead you to right path.

  2. Hi Andy,
    Wanted to say how great your pants are. The pic with the pants and the shoes is wonderful!

    Besides I wish you endurance and strength.
    Enjoy your time at home and relax a bit ;)

    xoxo Juliane

  3. Don’t be stressed Andy! You are amazing and should believe in yourself :) Just keep believing.

    Also, your DIY beanie is to die for. You look perfectly elegant in it. Although it’s not something I see myself pulling off too easily it looks so naturally fitting on you and for your style <3

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

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