STSC7172 STSC7206 STSC7226 STSC7243 STSC7152 STSC7253 STSC7183I’M WEARING  >> Bag: Alexander Wang (sale) |  Boots: ZARA  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Sweater: ZARA  |  Beanie: DIY  |  Necklace: Fashionology  |  Faux Fur

…Once upon a time I visited a small island in Stockholm and even tho it was freezing and snowing, it made me feel like it was in a fairy tale, quite literally…This city has some magic in the air, even with this unbearable temperatures.

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Photos by Oskar Spångberg


138 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TIME

  1. Really nice faux fur, I was a little terrified at first thinking it was a real fur coat, I love animals :)

  2. I haven’t been in Stockholm yet. But definitely want to go.
    What shouldn’t I miss if I go there? Do you have any tip for me?

    xoxo Juliane

  3. I visited Stockholm this summer and it was so beautiful, but I think I might have to go there again during winter, it really does look like a snowy fairytale in your pictures! And of course your Outfit’s great too, I’m loving the bag! xx

  4. Oh wow that looks amazing!! I’ve been so much jn love with black,white and grey for this winter! And the new bag is stunning! :D btw I know how it is with this one staple bag you want to wear everyday! I got a new Michael Kors medium selma grommet messenger in black with gold hardwear and I just love it ^^ enjoy the rest of your day :*


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