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  1. I use a MAC fluro orange lipliner as an eyeliner. It goes on really smoothly and looks fantastic with a white base.

  2. I love that trend! You should try Inglot Cosmetics. They have neon eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes. Neon body pigments are the best! Such a great quality and amazing palettes, hundreds of shades. They should have a shop even in Amsterdam. It’s a polish brand but they have shops all over the world, the biggest one is in Times Square I guess.
    Visit their website inglotcosmetics.com

  3. Love the neon make-up trend. It’s obviously not your everyday make-up.
    I could totally imagine neon eye shadow or lip stick with an all white outfit and maybe neon heels or clutch for spring or summer :)

  4. try urban decay! the 4/7 Glide On Pencils are supposed to be waterproof and longlasting, and they have a lot of amaaaazing colors, hope this helps :)

  5. I think MAC has some neon eyeshadow that will work well for the eyeliner, and also they have neon lipstick, I love Vegas Volt.
    Also I found a liquid eyeliner from NYX, its not matte but it is neon, I love it.

    Hope I have helped, and I am looking forward to see you rocking this kind of make up.

  6. You might want to have a look at the ColorSensational lipstick range by Maybelline. At least on me, with very pale skin, they look quite neon :) I have “Hot Plum” (906), “Fuchsia Flash” (902) and “Electric Orange” (912) which all look very nice.

  7. Hola soy mexicana estoy trabajando en mi blog y desde hace mucho te sigo en instagram!! Ojala pudieras seguirme de regreso, mi usuario es monica_zaldumbide_alcocer . En cuanto a algo Neon, el lipstick de niki minaj de mac me ha funcionado excelente!!! Al igual que uno suuuper intenso de max factor!! Besos y gracias por ser tan buena inspiración!

  8. For lips I would say limecrime lipsticks are amazing, they carry many bright fun colors and if you want a runway inspired pout, mac has a great pink pigment to apply on top of a regular lipstick. For eyeliner, inglot has many different colors of gel liner from bright pink to moss green.

  9. Kiko makeup have some great neon liners and they actually stay on and are really good considering they are like 2 euros or something :) Neon is the best!

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