AndyTorresGZ3 AndyTorresGZ6 AndyTorresGZ5 AndyTorresGZ2 AndyTorresGZ AndyTorresGZ4I’M WEARING >> Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti  |  Jeans: ASOS  |  Jumper: J Crew  |  Jacket: TopShop Unique

The trick of dressing for winter is layering, supposedly, but how on earth do I achieve that when I am wearing skin tight jeans? Impossible…This sweater is quite simply the most versatile, warm and fantastic jumper I own. It was given to me by my mom during Christmas, she really knows how to make me happy and how I love my oversized garments.
I have been wearing it non stop and the best part is, I can wear as many thermals as I want underneath, so that’s sorted. Freeze on the knees, heat up the torso ;)

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131 thoughts on “LIFE LESSONS

  1. Hi, Andy,! I’m Carol…your super fans from HONG KONG :) Becoz your style is really really awesome
    I found so many online shop to find your giuseppe-zanott shoes however I can’t find it :(
    Can you tell me where u bought it
    Many many thanks from HK


  2. I can see you buy a lot online. Me too but only blouses and wide dresses.

    I’ve always wanted to buy some jeans too i’ve seen buy i’m afraid the size won’t work on me, how do you do to really score your size?

  3. Words can’t describe how cool those shoes are! I must get them in my shoe collection immediately! :D

    And of course your whole outfit looks good like always.

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