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I’M WEARING >> Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren  |  Leather Pants: JBrand  |  Denim Shirt: ZARA  |  Boots: Velvet Dr. Martens  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  | Watch

I am a HUGE fan of my leather pants, in fact, I could safely say they are one of my musts in my closet. The issue is, I have worn them so much that the area around the knee is starting to stretch and I am not happy about that AT ALL.
I know you have to take leather to a special cleaners, but can they also do something about the stretch? I am in massive need of advice!

This Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer is not only a new favorite, but also an amazing present from my baby sister who’s birthday was yesterday :D

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


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  1. that is too bad. leather pants cost so much that you cant really replace them like normal jeans. Freeze them lol maybe they will shrink a little bit.

  2. I hate when my favorite pants get worn out in the knees! I don’t know what you could do about that, except someday find a new favorite replacement. Or get a new piece of leather or stretchy material and turn them into patched leather pants.

  3. This post proves, one more time, that good classics pieces never go out of style. I have a few blazers like that, and I love them. Then add the perfect amount of preppy to a look without turning you into a gossip girl clone! As far as your leather pants go, I don’t think that you can really do anything about it… Leather stretches over time, and especially on pants!

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  4. Dear Andy,
    First I must say that I read every single post on your blog… I love it so much, and your style is just perfect!

    I work in a shop with shoes and other leather products. Genuine leather is, as you know, skin, and one of a skin’s properties is that it stretches when needed… I know that with your leather pants this is a real problem, but that is also a reason why genuine leather shows are so comfortable after some time of wearing them…
    So, I think I must disappoint you, but (i think) there is no way you can make it tighter around the knees again :/

    one way to keep genuine leather elastic is to use leather care products, but you need to inform yourself about it (because a leather creme can be too heavy for leather pants, so you would need something lighter there).
    maybe you can prevent your pants from stretching this way.

    eva viktoria

  5. Love the classy assemble Andy ! Perfect go-to look !
    I have the same problem with my leather pants but could´t find a solution by now. Congrats on your lovely sister !

    XX Luba
    Styling a camel coat, today on

  6. Oh that blazer is the dream blazer! It’s simply perfect. Perfect for and detailing. Also I love those boots so much! Amazing as always. Me very single outfit out of yours is to die for! Simply amazing xx

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