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Everyone is going bananas ever since the Chanel Couture show last week…Sneakers on Couture gowns? Karls shock value.

I am all up for sneakers as you know, yet this fresh new trend gave me an idea. Why not add those soft laces into very masculine shoes?. I tried finding something as similar as the ones used on the Chanel Couture sneakers but I was running out of time -and running out of town-, so organza lace had to do. You can of course use any type of lace you prefer.
I LOVE the end result, I really do and this my friends is quite possibly one of the quickest DIY’s known to date. Chanelize your shoes ladies! ;)

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137 thoughts on “CHANEL INSPIRED LACES [ D.I.Y ]

  1. What a cool Idea! Oh my word!!!
    I will so do that!! Thanks for that inspiration! :)
    Love, Lea

  2. What a good idea! Now I don’t actually own these kind of shoes, but if I did, I would definitely get some other laces to make them look like Chanel’s.


  3. oh, it seems I’ve been a hipster and I didn’t know that! I came up with this lace & masculine shoes idea over a year ago :) now it’s time to add some lace to my sneakers :)
    have a nice day!

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