December 6, 2013 in Shopping by Andy

NikeFreeRun2 NikeFreeRun5 NikeFreeRun NikeFreeRun4 NikeFreeRun6 NikeFreeRun1Sneakers: Nike Free Run 5.0 Available at Foot Locker stores only.

I have to admit that I am IN LOVE with my new office neighborhood, although the cobblestones make it a bit hard to walk on heels and thats when my sneakers come in very handy pre and post shooting.
I have to say that the combo of leather pants and sneakers works the best for me, such a contrast of what its not “usually acceptable” when it comes to styling,  but then again, we shouldn’t stick to any rules. This pair I love, maybe its the neon details, maybe its the subtle leopard print? Maybe its both, makes them everything BUT boring.

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