AndyTorresGanniCoat5 AndyTorresGanniCoat AndyTorresGanniCoat3 AndyTorresGanniCoat4 AndyTorresGanniCoat6 Jeans: Asos  |  Jumper: Vintage  |  Coat: Ganni  |  Shoes: Coach

Very rarely -and when I say rarely I mean it-, I find jeans that fit the length of my legs. I am very tall and I have struggled with finding long pants since forever. Whenever I find a pair of jeans that are not only long enough, but even longer than needed I feel like I have found Aladdin’s cave.

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117 thoughts on “LONG ENOUGH

  1. I have the opposite problem to you, I have to take everything to the tailor as I need to have everything shortened to fit me! With love from sojustnice.com

  2. I have the same problem being 5’10.5″ with skinny, very long legs. I have found that H&M jeans (in long) fit very well and are quite comfortable! Love your shoes:)

  3. I have that problem! Glad to hear there are more of us out there that are tall and struggle to find jeans/trousers that look good and fit. These look amazing on you, well done for the good find!

  4. I totally understand your problem! I’m 1,80m and wear W28/L36 for trousers, so it’s pretty difficult to find a fitting pair. What is really strange in my opinion is that I almost never find good ones in Germany (I’m german obviously), but in every other country- even in spain where I really did not expect it when you look at the average size of a spanish girl.. haha :P
    Your jeans really look great on you! Happy last christmas holidays :)

  5. Gorgeous Andy, love the jeans they are perfect on you! The coat is a classic and the pumps are fab..love it! As its super hot here down under in Australia, its a little hard to imagine wearing this..its all bikinis and sarongs at the moment. Lol but look forward to the fall season. I love the layering that you can do in winter,and the fashion leaves so much more to the imagination. Which i believe is the way it should be.. Ironic though being a model and saying that. Happy Holidays to you x

  6. So in love with that coat as I love your shoes! You have amazing legs,I wish I had them! Perfect casual look xx


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