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I was so late in the office this morning, I seriously couldn’t get out of bed , I felt like a zombie and I realized my soya milk was finished, so I couldn’t  even make a coffee. I got out f the shower, dried my hair and attempted to do my makeup without falling asleep on the spot and I succeeded, but also proceeded to drop my makeup bag and everything was scattered all over the floor…
Fu%*…., my MAC blush broke, my favorite shade but in the middle of that mess, I found this blue eyeliner from Lancôme I got in some goodie bag during New York Fashion Week. I didn’t even remember I had this but I have to say, in the  middle of this mornings chaos, this was most definitely the pro of my little morning disaster.

Always look at the bright side right? ;)

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92 thoughts on “CANT GET OUT OF BED

  1. Urgh, I often feel like this in the morning. Love the liner, I think we all need a bit of neon make-up to brighten up our mornings. xx

  2. Totally wouldn’t think that I’d be into this sort of eyeliner but it actually looks really amazing. Unfortunately my hands are super shaky when I try to put on eyeliner so I’m afraid it would just look like a mess on me! Loving it on you though. xx

  3. A true peacock blue – literally, I saw a peacock last week and that was the color of its tail. Nobody would believe you were having a lousy day with that bright dash of color!

  4. Oh this sounds really like a bad start to the day but you really made the most of that miserable day, that eyeliner looks amazing on you!

    Greetings from London,

  5. lmfao that sounds like me every morning. I love that you are able to find humor and something positive out of what started to be shitty.
    Have you tried the soy chai latte from starbucks? It is lovely.

    Enjoy the rest of your day (:

  6. we all have those days the key is to turn them around! there’s always a silver lining, just look at that eyeliner. Such a stunning colour and it looks beautiful on you :)

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