December 4, 2013 in Beauty by Andy

blue2 Blue

I was so late in the office this morning, I seriously couldn’t get out of bed , I felt like a zombie and I realized my soya milk was finished, so I couldn’t  even make a coffee. I got out f the shower, dried my hair and attempted to do my makeup without falling asleep on the spot and I succeeded, but also proceeded to drop my makeup bag and everything was scattered all over the floor…
Fu%*…., my MAC blush broke, my favorite shade but in the middle of that mess, I found this blue eyeliner from Lancôme I got in some goodie bag during New York Fashion Week. I didn’t even remember I had this but I have to say, in the  middle of this mornings chaos, this was most definitely the pro of my little morning disaster.

Always look at the bright side right? ;)

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