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Sneakers: New Balance Available at Foot Locker  |  Trench Coat: H&M Trend  |  Leather Pants: Jose Sanchez  |  Sweater: ZARA  |  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Black & White & Grey, yes, the perfect combination. I’ve been a little on the “Comfortable footwear” side lately and I am almost losing my skill of walking in heels, which is bad, but good. See, the thing is I cant help myself and my sneaker collection keeps growing. Who would have thought that wearing sneakers would become fashionable? And I am kind of -really- glad it did!

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108 thoughts on “SAME BUT DIFFERENT

  1. awesome! I love sneakers and how it is so fashionable to pair them up with fancy clothing…could you show us a collection of all your sneakers? I have yet to find my second great pair of sneakers, either New Balance or Nike..oh I almost forgot about my converse

  2. Andy, you’re so cute! Love your style, you look so great, love to see you wearing sockless sneakers, it’s marvelous, really, I’m gonna explode!!! Kisses honey!

  3. Love the style and the sport shoes are a good choice, unusual but interesting. Nobody canceled high heels but the tendency to look stylish and feminine in flat shoes must be appreciated

  4. really love your trench coat!

    Get Your Hands on this while it’s still online!!!
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