AndyTorresHerengracht AndyTorresHerengracht3 AndyTorresHerengracht4 AndyTorresHerengracht2 AndyTorresHerengracht5 AndyTorresHerengrach6    Jeans: J Brand  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Bag: Joanna Maxham  |  Beanie & Sweater: COS

Some of you might remember I have been searching for an office for AGES! Finally, just before New York Fashion Week I found one, but as soon as I came back from Fashion Week season, the landlord had rented it to somebody else -Thanks for that by the way Señor!-

After some research and friends advice, I found an amazing office shared with some creative and music companies and I am so extremely happy about the space and the people I am sharing the office with, not to mention is right on the center by the Herengracht, one of the main canals in Amsterdam (pretty much where I shot these photos.)

I seriously couldn’t be happier!

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140 thoughts on “NEW NEIGHBORHOOD

  1. Some times when the timing is right, all will turn out good. When 1 door closes, another will open and sure enough it was the right opportunity for you. I’m so happy for you that all is good now and I can’t wait to see your new office.

  2. Ah I just stumbled on your blog and I am in love!!!
    The coat is beautiful, could you please let me know where it is from?

  3. me encanta que estés tan contenta con tu nuevo hogar, pinta de maravilla. Y no te preocupes por esa mala experiencia con el arrendatario, yo acabo de pasar por lo mismo aquí en Santiago de Chile :( pero gracias a eso has encontrado un lugar perfecto donde vivir, disfrútalo!

  4. aaah, congrats met je kantoor zeg! :D Beetje jammer dat de vorige gewoon het verhuurd aan iemand anders zed =_=. Je outfit is zó leuk, vooral je laarsjes zijn awesome ^^

  5. I love your coat and I’m looking for a similar one for myself.
    But you did not write where is yours coming from?
    Glad for you that you found a great office :)

  6. Wow, I can’t wait to see your new office! This is amazing casual outfit and I love how beanie and that bag makes the outfit special! Btw you legs are so long! You are so lucky xx

  7. Congratulations for your new office! This look is basic, black is always perfect for winter and I like everything. The coat is cute and those boots are absolutly fabulous. I love the handbag and the beanie is lovely

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