STSC3699 STSC3757 STSC3627 STSC3767 STSC3651 STSC3712Sweater: Alexander Wang  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Boots: ACNE  |  Bag: Alexander Wang

The title of this post might not make any sense to some of you, those who are also fans of “The Killers” would probably take a hint – is it The Killers or Brandon Flowers who we really like ;)-.

Anyways, its not big news that the MTV Ema’s were help in Amsterdam last Sunday and I was lucky enough to be a special guest for Philips. Not only that but I also had the honor to stand literally 3 meters away from the stage which meant, I finally saw one of my favorite bands ever live and Mr. Bright side himself just a couple of meters away. Still think its unfair Brandon Flowers was in Amsterdam and I didn’t get to bump into him. Obviously the MTV Ema’s weren’t enough…

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124 thoughts on “MR. BRIGHTSIDE

  1. Love how you mixed up the black and white here and all the textures! I am sure if you had bumped into Mr. Brightside he would have thought you were fab … with love from

  2. So cool! And girl, actually I want to say this to you earlier but now I got a bit shocked. I now you’re tall, have a great body and you’re try to live healthy but in my opinion you don’t loook that healthy now. Sad to see your skinny legs. Actually this is something I see more and more on bloggers and this isn’t a good ‘trend’. Still love your blog!
    With love,

    Joy | j o i n m y g i v e a w a y

  3. Don’t be disappointed, I once interviewed him, and he’s not as charming as he looks, I’m afraid. Quite rude in fact. Very cute outfit though!

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