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Bathrobe: Missoni Home

I have been slightly, just slightly obsessing over this  Missoni bathrobe. The thing is I cant really justify the price on something I am not even going to wear outside my apartment, but then again, I will indeed wear it every single day, so that counts right?. I’ve been wanting it for the longest time and every time I go into the shop and see it, I almost cave. Its the perfect item to wear after a nice hot shower while making tea on a cold and rainy morning. Trying to justify this to myself as you can see.

Should I?, Should I?…See, I didn’t give any chance to say no ;)

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  1. I have one of these, given to me in 2000 by my then boyfriend. I love love love it. The quality is amazing, I use it daily and it is still plush. The same boyfriend is now my husband.
    I say BUY!

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