150 thoughts on “FICTION

  1. Andy could you tell if this jacket is from this season? Estoy buscando una igual pero en España esa no esta, es de esta temporada?? Gracias :)

  2. Te admiro por su interés en publicar algo nuevo y hermoso para nosotros todos los días. Mucho éxito y todo lo mejor en su vida. besos.

  3. how are you not cold in that skirt :) whenever i am in netherlands whether it is august or february i feel extremely cold there :)

  4. The biker jacket and those boots are definitely killing this look, they are so hot. I have seen those boots on Sincerely Jules as well and instantly fell in love. Need to save up for that. All the best and hope you have a wonderful week. Unfortunately are always short and never enough. I always say that Monday should be a part of the weekend as well :D

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