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Purple backpack:  Marc by Marc Jacobs   |   Black backpack: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I remember how excited I used to get whenever I had to buy a new backpack for a new school year -my mom would definitely remember and laugh about this-. Jeez, it was such a big decision back when I was a little girl; Should I pick this, or should I pick that? … The years went by and I went from being obsessed with backpacks to loosing my mind over a PS11 Proenza Schouler bag, how times have changed!

I find it amusing that as I was browsing the web, I found these 2 backpacks which not only threw me back to the good old school years, but also got me craving them. Old habits die hard right?

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45 thoughts on “BACKPACKIN’

  1. The black one is beautiful!

    I was equally excited everytime I got a new backpack for school. Even though I always wanted the ‘cool’ ones and my mum wanted me to have one that’s ergonomic and stuff and it always ended in a fight ^^

    xo Sabrina

  2. I used one for primary school and one for secondary school, both still in perfect state but a little too embarrassing to keep wearing. :p

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