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Jacket: NIKE  |  Sweater & Beanie: COS  |  Boots & Skirt: ZARA  |  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Some of you might remember this jacket. I wore it during the Blizzard in New York and even tho it appears to be quite short and not so warm, its probably what saved me from turning into an ice cube back in February.

Carolina and I have been talking about which would be the perfect winter jacket over whatsapp. We are both on the hunt for a really warm but still stylish jacket to help us survive winter. Any suggestions?

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149 thoughts on “4 O’CLOCK

  1. Andy, donde compraste la falda. tu bien sabes que las cosas tardan e llegar a México o a veces ni llegan, como no llega esa falda me compre una similar en choice.

  2. I’ve been really liking your autumn and pre-winter outfits. Tights just take the cake for me, personally. Love the Rebecca Minkoff bag. x

  3. I’ve been looking after the perfect warm winter jacket too (same thing every year) and I’ve found a few I like, but I’m still undetermined. I neither want a woolrich coat nor one from canada goose as everybody has them. Well, those are my favorites:

    Helmut Lang: http://www.helmutlang.com/PLEX-HOODED-COAT/D07HW407,default,pd.html?start=8&cgid=womens-outerwear
    Ganni: http://www.ganni.com/shop/details.html/F871371A/F0517/527/
    Day Birger et Mikkelsen: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/371433
    Acne: http://shop.acnestudios.com/shop/women/coats-jackets/sophia-black-noir.html

    Possibly that could be helpful :)

  4. Dear Andy you have incredible legs and an amazing sense of style! Love this outfit, especially the jumper! What about an oversize coat for the winter? Warm and stylish and perfect because of you height, or a montgomery in blue or in red!

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  5. Great combination of red and animal print! I am looking for a coat as well. Zara does nice coats but something tells me they won’t be warm enough. I would try Mango or whistles. Or you can always go for ASOS :)

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