STSC6647_R STSC6546_R STSC6527_R STSC6691_R STSC6563_RCoat: ZARA  |  Leather pants: Jose Sanchez  |  Shirt: Phillip Lim  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Boots: Sandro  |  Sunglasses: ACNE

This coat has been probably one of my luckiest finds to date. I was on a random -non shopping- visit to ZARA (as if those exist) and found it laying over a pile of clothes. Perfect shape, perfect size, it was meant to be right?Some say its orange, some say its red, I think its a mixture of  both, depends on what suits me on that day, today it was dark orange ;)

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122 thoughts on “TWO SHADES

  1. Love that shade of red/orange. I love wearing bright jackets during the winter, brings a little of cheer to a dreary day. And how do you have a non-shopping related trip to a store? :)

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