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September was an intense learning curve for me, very intense. It was full of highs and lows, but I learnt so much, about myself and about people. I feel stronger, a bit wiser, more grown up and full of energy, to channel it on a positive way.
I feel so blessed for having such amazing people in my life, ones that have been close to me throughout these experiences and have proved to be everything I thought they were. I just hope I can give back to them all the support they have given me, when they need it. I love you guys! I really do.

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88 thoughts on “SO LONG SEPTEMBER

  1. Time really flies, doesn’t it. I love the new way you’re editing your photos now. You should give some tips one of these days :) xx

  2. You seem to be sorta sad lately, Andy, so I just wanted to say – don’t worry! You’re an inspiration for all of the people who love you and who read your blog, and, for sure, for me. You’re such a positive person and your style is amazing! I hope things will get better soon, and always look at your tatoo – as you said, smiling is the most important thing to do on those days :) I love almost each and every outfit of yours this month, so chic and stunning!❤
    Nastya xo

  3. I am in love with your wardrobe!! My favourite to look is the leather leggings and crop top. I also love the all blue outfit

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