1. U look pretty as always but come ooon! :D few centimeters are NOT a real change… nobody would recognize u cut your hair without this post :D I m sure u r braver than that Andy :P ;)

  2. I have also just had my super long looks chopped and I still can’t get used to it! YOur hair on the hand looks so fab …… with love from sojustnice.com

  3. That is the length I’m going tomorrow after months of deciding whether to or not as I have quite long hair :)

    It looks gorgeous though :)

  4. you look lovely!! we have so similar hair, I have the same length right now and like you, I have been parting it on the side for so long, and suddenly I remembered.. I used to part it in the middle when I was a teenager, so I gave it a try… and I’m loving it!! I like how it frames my face and it was an instant change.. kisses!!

  5. Bravo! It’s gonna sound ridiculously cliche, but I’m glad more and more influential figures in this pop-culture-fashion world are chopping their hairs! People should be less attached to these powerful bio-features and life would become lighter and way funnier! ;)

  6. Sorry, but cutting 5 cm of your hair does not make a big difference, it looks a bit more polished, and you looked great, but I do not see any MAJOR CHANGES.

    1. No darling, This is always been my natural hair color but it changes with the season, I dont know why :)

  7. No se Andy siento que tienes la carita y actitud para hacer algo más atrevido con tu cabello n.n me gustaria verte con el cabello cortito, lo tienes lacio y por tus facicones siento que te verías muy bien <3!


  8. Haha so funny i have an appointment tonight with my stylist i spend all night yesterday looking for shorter hair style that i really wanna try! But i am so afraid i already cut 15 inches in a year… am I really pretty for the BOB… as u said don’t be afraid!

    Btw love ur hair but it is not that shorter?? maybe we’ll se betther in next looks! Have a nice day!!

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