153 thoughts on “SAME BUT DIFFERENT

  1. hey andy! ive been looking at your blog for god knows how long and I just adore everything about you! Whatever feeling that you’re having right now, I hope it won’t hinder in your growth as a person and I hope it’ll only make you stronger. More power to you and your blog!

  2. Ahah the title of your post has just reminded me something from my trip to Mexico – Sorry, I’m about to use your blog to tell my life – So we couldn’t figure out the difference between Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Flautas, ect and when we asked people they usually said : “Mmmh it’s like Tacos. But different.” Anyway. That was the story of my life. Thanks to those who have read it ahah.

    Great outfit by the way. Such a spatial clutch and jumper (Y)




  3. Wow ANDY!! la mayoria de tus posts me gustan mucho, pero hacia un buen tiempo que no quedaba completamente maravillada y encantada con una serie de fotos tuyas. Este es increible, te vez serena, tranquila y fuerte!!!

    ME FASCINO!!! <3

  4. Different like?… Lovely clutch I can´t believe I saw the same piece and I didn´t buy it :/!! Wish you Great week Andy :)

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  5. This Valentino shoes are amazing!!!

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  6. Homesickness is blowing away from your eyes!!
    And you look so beutiful Andy!
    Everything’s gonna be alritght.. :)

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