C STSC1139 STSC1000 STSC0964 STSC0814 STSC1118I’M WEARING  >>  Lace Dress: ZARA  |  Sweater: Stefanel  |  Bag: rebecca Minkoff  |  Coat: ZARA (old)

Baring all why dont we? OR some at least. Im lucky my mom didn’t see me going out the door wearing this but the truth is, its a dress, not a piece of lingerie. Ok, It looks EXACTLY like lingerie but for some reason, we are now allowed to wear lingerie in  a casual day out, or so does ZARA says…See, we need to leave some things to the imagination, but a little touch of lace never hurt anyone, quite the opposite right? ;)

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150 thoughts on “MINE TO KEEP

  1. Stunning look – I really love the combination of colors, prints, textures, and fabrics. The chic greys paired with the bold leopard print looks great, especially with the dramatic black lace peeking out. Perfect styling! <3

  2. This outfit is to die for, wish it was mine to keep!
    Love the touch of lace especially under the heavy knit, bet your pins were chilly though xxxx

    Dana @ da-chic.blogspot.co.uk xxxxx

  3. I love the heavy effect that the coat gives it compare with the thin and light edge of lace! that is just grrreat! | El contraste de las telas! Me encanta

  4. I love this entire outfit and the lace is so sexy! My Dad used to get so mad when I would go out in black lace anything, but it is so fashionable when done right. I love it worn with the gray sweater!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  5. I don’t know how you thought of wearing a long sweater on top of that dress but it was genius! It adds just the right touch of classy/sexy at the whole outfit. But you are right about the dress it looks like lingerie :(

  6. I had actually not even thought that it could be mistaken for lingerie first time I saw this dress at Zara.
    Anyway, the way your wear it and what you paired it with make it completely day-appropriate!

  7. Love this look ^^
    I love the fact that you styled this look heavy on top and light on the bottom. Zara killed that dress. Its perfect!!

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