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Jacket: Styligion  |  Jeans: J Brand  |  Sweater: Zara  |  Boots: Senso

I have read many comments of  “don’t wear black anymore”, not only here but in other blogs as well and then I think: “Why not? Black is awesome!”

You see the thing is, NOTHING is the new black. Black is black and it will always be. When I got my hands on this funky coat, all black had to do and I think it was the best call. Word of -styling- advice, get yourself a really god pair of black jeans, a classic black turtle neck and throw any colorful and funky coat over. it always works ;)

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163 thoughts on “MATTER OF FACT

  1. Amen! I’ve had ‘phases’ of not wearing a lot of black anymore (usually during Summer), but eventually I always go back to it.

  2. Yo tambien adoro el color negro! es el color qu eme da seguridad y me hace sentir sexy… jajaja así que cada una puede usar el color con el que se sienta bien! . por cierto las botas se ven muy bellas, y me encanta ese tono como western moderno que me refleja el look :)


  3. Just this afternoon, I was thinking about how some people wear black often and others prefer brown (I don’t mean everyone, just in general). I love black…

  4. That jacket is pure perfection and this look is definitely something I would wear every single day! Perfect xx

  5. Well… with another season of a whole box of painter’s colors, I understand that a lot of black seems like missing something.
    But back seems to be in your style, like you wrote, so enjoy ;)

    XX from Witten,
    nana from na-ta-ri

  6. This look totally suits you, I absolutely LOVE it!! I saw you on a commercial today, but I can’t remember the name of it, but you were there with other bloggers and I think it’s a brand from Germany :) I actually saw this commercial a lot of times, but I’ve just started reading your blog and then I recognised you, was kinda funny hihi :)

    byeee xx

  7. Recently i discovered my love for Black and i think it’s the “colour” that suits everybody! It’s just perfect! When i doubt, wear black and that’s it! But i think that black suits better those candy skin girl with dark hair as you (and i’m like that too) so what’s the problem?! You’re always so beautiful and found always the most amazing piece <3

    new look

  8. Oh yes I definitely agree! Black jeans and other black basics are THE must haves and will always be. Every colour looks better combined with black. So my motto is: “Never stop wearing black!” ;) Btw Andy, I love your coat and hat. :)

  9. Yo opino lo mismo, el color negro no tiene sustituto, además es atemporal y cantidad de veces, como en este caso, hace que destaque una prenda mucho más que si la hubiéramos combinado con otro color. Sobra decir que estás de 10! besos


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