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Photo tradition with my Cup Of Couple boys.

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Reunited with Tiany <3


WeberHodelFeder boys.

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With my Spanish sweethearts Silvia and Ester.


A lot of fun concentrated in a small amount of time, thats what last weekend was all about. Antwerp surprised me, it really did and I cant figure out why I have never spent time there, considering its so close to Amsterdam. They have amazing shops, amazing cafes, amazing designers, all concentrated in a very small city.

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86 thoughts on “ANTWERP DIARIES

  1. Antwerp it’s a great city. I’ve been there several times, just one hour from where I live. It’s too bad you haven’t been there before, it’s so close and amazing. Also for Christmas it’s great, there you can feel the atmosphere.

  2. Hey! This post really makes me want to go to Antwerp! It looks great up there! (I’m from Italy) Plus you look amazing as usual!

  3. A Smalll City!!!!! I m from Brussels, I lived in Antwerp…living in Amsterdam for several years now!!! Antwerp is a giant next to Amsterdam… its far from being smalll

  4. I love the Célfie shirt and the outfit you’re wearing on photo #3. The jumper is the bomb haha ! :D
    I guess you had a really lovely time, greetings from Germany and have a beautiful Sunday, Andy!

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