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The pink blazer from the previous post reminded me how much i love certain key pieces in this color, specially when they are matches with -preferably- total black or doing some layering.
Here is how I wore a statement piece on that color in 3 different ways. How do you feel about bright pink? Yay or nay?

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87 thoughts on “3 WAYS TO WEAR [ BRIGHT PINK ]

  1. The second look has always been one of my favs looks of you, big time!!! It is absolutely stunning. Congrats Andy you have such a unique style. I would like to add that it is admirable that regardless all the success you have ,you have manage the way to keep your blog alive,. Mixing high fashion pieces and accessible clothes is how you attract thousands of people to love your blog. There are so many bloggers who have lost their identity after success. We have already so many fashion magazines displaying it girls. Thanks for sharing your style Andy, that’s why we love your blog, simply because you are unique and authentic! :)

  2. Think pink!! :) No soy muy fan del rosa pero concuerdo contigo, me gusta cuando se utiliza con un conjunto completamente negro, incluso con blanco me gustaría, pero creo que solo con esos colores.

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