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Burgundy skirt: ZARA  |  Black and white skirt: ASOS

Wether this is the “new length” or not, I am having a soft spot for these type of skirts, specially with these patterns. Perfect for Fall and easy to style with a pair of ankle boots or stilettos yet, I find the ankle boots more appealing. What is happening with me and my lack of love for stilettos lately? Must be this knee injury.

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64 thoughts on “TWO OF A KIND

  1. I am loving the length, just haven’t bought one yet. I like the length because when you sit down, you are not tugging on the bottom to make sure your not exposing yourself to the world.

  2. I’m totally crazy about what ASOS has to offer when it comes to the midi length skirt. I bought quite a few of them =)
    Your Balenciaga boots are to-die-for! =)

  3. I have the ASOS black and white skirt, kicking myself for buying it at full price when its 1/2 off now, but i LOVE IT!
    It goes with so many things and can be made girly or edgy depending on accessorites!

    Love this trend too!

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