I am having one of those days were I feel like the work is piling on top of me and I cant even think straight. Bad days, we all have them and in a way, they make us appreciate good days even more. I am trying to keep as positive and organized as possible but you know how it is, on those moments where you cant see the end of it and all you want to do is scream into a pillow. We are human, bad days come and then they go, I am waiting patiently to wave this bad day goodbye.

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85 thoughts on “TOO MUCH

  1. i know exactly what you mean about work piling up! I had an awesome get stuff done day planned for myself but my better half put the wash on it when he stayed home with a headache, now i cant run my loud sewing machine…oh well. There’s always tomorrow.

  2. Now that school has started again I know days like these are coming soon for me :/ You’ll pull through…think positively :) such a cute pic btw! x

  3. We all get down, stressed and feel like the worlds against us, trust me i would know! Just don’t let it falter your smile, keep your head up and when it comes to it snuggle down with a Ryan Gosling film and wave the day goodbye, its always better tomorrow, especially after a night with Mr Gosling ;) xxxx

  4. Vete a caminar, correr o dar una vuelta en bibi al aire libre, respira, disfruta de lo que te rodea, date un antojo a la meriendia una buena y divertida peli para cenar, y mañana será otro día :)

  5. Dear Andy! I have been admiring your ambition & daily motivation in your business for a very long time now! I’ve never understood how you can manage all this on a such great way, that everything you do seem that easy ‘fluently’. you are an idol!:)
    & when a person has the right to say “fuck u world today i’m going to stay in bed” – you are the one! :D

    Best wishes , Lynn! ♥

  6. Go outside, take a deep breath, close your eyes, feel the outside, open your eyes, smile and think you can do it! Positive thoughts!

    Força! :)

  7. Aw, may the force be with you! You work very hard and you excel at what you do! Stay strong! One of my favourite sayings is: the darkest hour is just before dawn!

    It’s all good.


  8. Hello,

    I hope your day / week gets better. I love the pencil / pen that is on top of the StyleScrapbook’s agenda. Where did you get it ?

    Beat regards.

  9. Everyone has the crap days, but the best thing is waking up the next morning to a much brighter tomorrow. Never stop sharing your outfits with us, we all think you’re fabulous :)

  10. I want your agenda! I want your agenda! I want your agenda! I want your agenda! I want your agenda! I want your agenda! I want your agenda! I want your agenda!

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