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This time last season it was a whole different story. A blizzard was hitting New York City and all of us stuck in the Island of Manhattan for Fashion Week were pretty much having to fight piles and piles of snow to get to the shows. This season the sun is shinning, its hot in the city and I cant express how happy I am about going back today and seeing so many of my friends again after so many months!

Bring it on New York City!

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65 thoughts on “THIS TIME LAST SEASON

  1. Can’t believe it was actually snowing this time last year. I wore a whole summer outfit today and it was even too hot for that!
    But I remember your posts from last year and I must say, even when a strong blizzard hits a city during fashion week your outfits are simply gorgeous! xx

  2. Love NYC & your pictures make me miss it even more! I can’t wait to go back- someday soon hopefully! Have a wonderful time!

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