160 thoughts on “THE BITTER AND THE SWEET

  1. Yup. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day. Whatever you are going through, bitter or sweet, it will pass. I’m sure there’s something to learn from it.

  2. Summer just ended where I’m from so I don’t really need sunnies. But seriously, that pair is to die for. Looks really good on you! :) I just found you on Bloglovin and I think your blog and your style is very cool. :)

  3. So true words, all we can do is stay present with what ever is and have the wisdom that everything changes, nothing lasts, not even for a second… But these pictures show the beauty, the beauty of you and the beauty of the creativity the designers are expressing with their clothes. All love to you / Mia


  4. It will be better and you know why? Becouse i’m smiling to you now and the amazing thing is that i’m in Poland and there’s hundreds people all over the world who wish you luck:)

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