A3 Airport a2

Phewww! I made it to the airport just in time for my flight to New York, yet I am still here writing about it (yeah, exactly whats happening on picture 1)…I spent the whole night and morning -last minute- packing as usual but I had so much work this week, I had no choice.

I am so freaking excited about flying back there even tho I am not entirely thrilled about spending 9 hours on a plane, but that is most definitely a small price to pay…

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92 thoughts on “RIGHT NOW

  1. Have fun! I would love to go to NY! But it’s not gonna happen right now because I’m stuck here in Holland and I don’t come further than Europe but yeah it’s ok haha! Wishing you lots of fun :)

  2. andy!! te leo siempre, soy de argentina, me encanta como te vestis y esas botas de balenciaga pffffffffffff estoy enamorada de ellas!! tengo tbm la pulsera de hermes con la q salis en la foto, con la mala suerte de q fue un regalo q mi papa me trajo de paris y la eligio en amarillo!! no me gusta!! ayyy hombreesss no saben nada de moda!

    te mando un beso! te felicito por el blog

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