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Dress: Alexander Wang

Some of you might remember me posting about this dress a year ago. I didn’t end up buying it as I couldn’t really justify to myself spending almost 500 euros on a simple body-con dress. Almost exactly one year later, I found it again for less than half price and thought it was most definitely meant to be, so I put it on my cart and voilá the rest is history.

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72 thoughts on “ONE YEAR LATER

  1. A mi me encantan ese tipo de compras! y si el vestido esta padre pero no gastaría 500 euros en el… en primera ni los tengo jajajaja así que lo puedes considerr todo una ganga y una compra inteligente ;), aparte el vestido tiene colores clasicos y un corte igual, así que realmente por comprarlo un año despues no tiene nada de malo, felicidades por el hallazgo! :)


  2. Hi! This is the first time I write on your blog- I’ve decided to do it because a similar episode happened to me 2 weeks ago: almost by accident, I found a floral printed dress on a hanger with lot of other different clothes, near the entrance of the dressing room in a shop- I don’t know the reason, but that dress caught my attention, so, instinctively, I took and tried it. “IT’s gorgeous!” I exclaimed- but then I didn’t buy it and when I went back home, I kept thinking about that green printed dress. I would never imagine to find it back after so long time, and on sale! WOW!

  3. OMG! You are soooo lucky Andy! I love the dress but maybe 500€ was too much! Can´t wait to see you wearing it! Lots of love from Spain!

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