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Milly was one of the last shows of the week and one of my personal favorites.

Time to take a fight to London!!! …Sorry for being so brief but I have been rushing like c-r-a-z-y in the past few days. I need to get to the airport and head to London, sleep almost non and straight from the plane to start filming my second documentary for Canon during London Fashion Week. Lets hope my makeup artist is good, because after my flight marathon, I cant even imagine the condition my face will arrive in Landaaan. Lordy, lord.

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91 thoughts on “MILLY

  1. Thanks for sharing Milly’s collection. I like it! Chic, simple and edgy.
    Gosh..I hope your skin is still holding up. Don’t run your body down though I’m glad you’re enjoying every bit of the adrenalin rush =D

  2. Loving all the mesh at Milly. You’ll make it through all the flight chaos, funny how flying can be so stressful with all the connections but all you do while on the plane is sit! haha You’ll get some much-needed rest and relaxation on the plane I’m sure :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos! I had not yet checked out the Milly collection but this looks awesome and so different and fresh for Milly! I loved the mesh and sporty-chic style with the pencil skirts and crop tops. I’ll check out the whole collection now!

  4. Está padrísimo totalmente te veo con una de esas piezas Andy. Lo del make up artist yo digo que deberías robarte a Alex López para siempre, me encantó su trabajo, te dejo suuper bonita para Elle México Diseña; no es que ocupes mucho arreglo, mi amiga y yo tuvimos la fortuna de conocerte en Monterrey y sabemos que tu belleza es natural :)

    Buen viaje!

    Carolina M.

  5. Yes the show was also a personal fave, it was awesome seeing you, sorry if we looked like stalkers, me and my best friend just look up to u in so many ways… have a safe flight to london

  6. So cool collection. I especially like the 6 picture counted from the bottom. Love how the dark red velvet goes with the bag. Which one is your favorite? I which you a plesent flight and hope you get some sleep soon. Maybe already book a massage in Landaaan for when you have time again? I always love to look forward to those things when I´m very bussy, it feels like the body is then already starting to relax. / Mia

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