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I almost never go get manicures, mainly because I change my mind about nail color every 3 days and that made me become a more “do it yourself” kind of girl. For this reason, I own over 50 different nail polishes in most colors, if not more, so doing it myself was kind of a no brainer.

A few days ago they opened a “nail salon” across the road from my apartment, -it must have been while I was gone for fashion week-, so I bumped into it last week and walked right in. I have to say they are not the most perfectionist bunch over there, in fact I was amazed at how little effort she put into doing my nails. You cant really tell by the photos, but It was not the greatest. Anyway, the moral of the story is that 1) I will keep doing my nails myself and 2) Next time I go to the US, I MUST definitely go book a app in NY with Carolina like we said we would like a trillion times.

The first photo was taken on a night out last weekend, just before my audition for the next vampire diaries, you know, cause of the vampire look and all ;)

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71 thoughts on “FANCY NAILS

  1. Sometimes it’s such a disappointing thing to have bad services when it comes to things like this that requires a lot more details. I’m bad with painting my own nails so I’ve got to deal with the imperfections.

  2. Vampire Diaries as in THE Vampire Diaries with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley???!?!?! Please answer! I’m so thrilled!! :) :)

  3. I hope you get the part! Love the nails, it takes a while to get it right for some places. If you’re ever in santa cruz I know the perfect spot!

  4. A mi me encanta todo lo referido con las uñas y también me declaro fan del DIY de nailart, me las hacía con puntitos, rayas, de leopardo, media luna, manicure francés y más; pero también me encantan ahora como quedan los esmaltados en gel tienen colores increíbles en los salones y duran muchísimo más que los esmaltes regulares, ideales para cuando vas a viaja y no tienes tiempo de estarlo cambiando o retocando. Me gustaría saber si tu también haces tus experimentos de nailart o mejor dicho verlos.


    Carolina Márquez

  5. I am a failure as a manicurist but like you, i got 374343 bottles of nail lacquer and change it when i realize the tone is not going well with my outfit. I must say, the result is pretty great! i love this kind of minimal design, not all the glitter and stuff people usually get in the beauty spot.


  6. Wow!!!
    You were auditing for the Vampire Diaries!!??
    How cool is that!?! Good Luck! :-)

    In another note, when I live in Rio I loved getting my nails done, even though I never found the perfect place, at least the massages and fancy drawings were a cool one. But here I also didn’t find the perfectplace, in fact, not even an ok place. SSó I just do it myself too…
    Plus, it is kind of fun and therapeutic to get my hands dirty ;-)


  7. I think I have the same opinion like you do. I own like 25 different nail polishes in all different shades of colors and just love to do them myself because I can be creative and change them whenever I want.
    And also, I´m a student and unfortunately don´t have a job , so I want to spent my money differnt :)

    xx Julia

    P.S. You really look like a vampire from Twilight in the first pic ;)

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