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  1. I lóóve this look! Never thought I’d like the Balenciaga’s in any look, but I must admit that nothing would’ve worked this outfit the way these do. Stunning photos, also :)

  2. One of my very favourite places in Milan! So beautiful! I was there in the beginning of summer and for two weeks we were passing by Duomo probably every day. Eh, I feel nostalgic now.

  3. I LOVE your look and this location! Have been to Milan once and was also there on the dome. Hope you had fun! Your shoes are too beautiful!

  4. It is a definite must to visit in Milan though. I thought it was cool but the scary part was they showcase of the dead cardinals.
    I like your trench and your boots are definitely something =)

  5. WOW, you’re outfit is corresponding so well with the building.
    Although photo number 4 looks a little scary, it looks like you climed up something high…


  6. I was once in Milan and thought the duomo was amazing but I didn’t go inside. It looks magnificent, great photos, Andy!
    Enjoy your time in Milan!

  7. have not seen such beautiful pictures for a while now! they look perfect! I like how the colors of your outfit match with the colors of the building

  8. That’s such a beautiful location to take outfit photos. I have been to Milan only once for now, but next time I will definitely visit the duomo, too. xx

  9. why dont you write (old) if its no longer available in stores?
    like that shirt its probably old because i couldnt find it on zaras website, the shorts as well!!!!!

  10. wow saludos desde mexico me encanta seguir tu pagina la mejor de todas las Blogger Mexicanas x0xo

  11. Duomo is so beautiful, it reminds me of “La Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona.

    This outfit is very chic and classy, love the bag :)

    Have an awesome day lovely!

    xx Andrea


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